Anasayfa Genel Keto Dinner Recipes

Keto Dinner Recipes


Keto Meal Plan;

Ketogenic diet breakfast can be eaten with cream, sugar-free peanut butter and eggs in butter.

At the meal, one handful of nuts or almonds, lunch with mayonnaise and olive oil salad with tuna, yogurt in the meal, grilled dinner or boiled meat, chicken and greens can be eaten.

KETOGENIC DIET MENU (Keto Dinner Recipes)

Monday keto diet plan

6 AM – Lemon Juice and Honey
9 AM – Black Chana Masala with 2 – 3 bajra roti
Don’t forget to drink water as its extremely important
1 PM – Brocoli, Carrots and green peas sabji with a bowl of green salad (No roti’s with it)
5 PM – Cucumber slices or carrot slices (No green tea)
7 PM – Lemon juice (No honey and salt)
9 PM – Palak Paneer with 2 Soya flour roti (Keto Dinner Recipes)

Tuesday keto diet plan

6 AM – Chana water along with Chana soaked overnight
9 AM – Cheese pakora
Keep drinking water atleast 5 glasses till the time you reach lunch.
1 PM – Brocolli, spinach, carrots and Lotus stem soup with grated paneer
5 PM – Handful of roasted chana followed by green tea.
7 PM – Cucumber Slices
9 PM – Spinach and Lauki soup followed by a bowl of green salad with grated cheese.
Wednesday keto diet plan

6 AM – Lauki Juice
9 AM – Bullet coffee followed by fruits
1 PM – Brown bread vegetable cheese sandwich without potato
5 PM – Green Tea
7 PM – A pear fruit
9 PM – Broccoli sabji with 2 Quinoa chapattis.

Thursday keto diet plan

6 AM – Wheat Grass juice
9 AM – Bullet coffee and handful of Dry druits
1 PM – Soya Pakora with a bowl of fresh salads
5 PM – A handful of peanuts
7 PM – Cucumber and beetroot slices
9 PM – Soya chili with quinoa chapati
Friday keto diet plan

6 AM – Lauki and Cucumber juice combo
9 AM – Paneer paratha made from Quinoa flour
Drink water diligently
1 PM – Soya chili (No ajina moto) + 2 quinoa chapatti
5 PM – Green tea followed by a handful of dry fruits
7 PM – Beetroot and slice cucumber
9 PM – Lotus stem, carrots, spinach and broccoli clear soup with grated cheese.

Saturday keto diet plan

6 AM – Chirata water soaked overnight
9 AM – Soya bean kheema with 2 Quinoa Chapati
1 PM – Clear Vegetable soup (Excluding potato)
5 PM – A handful of dry fruits
7 PM – Cucumber slices
9 PM – Green salad with cheese grated cheese, if feeling hungry then consume lotus stem soup.

Sunday keto diet plan

6 AM – Ajwain water soaked overnight
9 AM – Peanut butter with 2 Slices toasted brown bread followed by Bullet coffee
1 PM – Paneer paratha with mild butter
5 PM – A handful of roasted chana
7 PM – A pear fruit


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